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G-Server Declared "Best Buy" in SC Magazine's Web Security Products

G-Server 2.5 Awarded Common Criteria Certification

Gilian Ensures 100% Web Site Availability, Application Protection
PlanetGov and Gilian Provide Protection for Government Customers

Mutilation of Your Web Site
is Only a Matter of Time.
No company thinks Web sabotage will happen to them. Yet, more than 300 unauthorized Web site alterations are reported everyday, resulting in destructive publicity, offended visitors, and shattered reputations.

Vandalized Web sites that display obscene or fraudulent information to your customers, prospects, investors, and partners.
Hacked transactions that obligate your company to sell products and services at bogus prices. Even fabricated press releases, terrorist threats or offensive political statements.
The Only Guaranteed Solution: G-Server®
Because Gilian Technologies' G-Server protects all information entering and leaving your Web server, your audience only sees what you intend them to see.<<More>>

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